Friday, September 10, 2010

Julie Lassa Throws Dave Obey Under the Bus

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Lassa: She's own person, distancing herself from Obey

Story posted Friday at 3:33 p.m.


The leading Democrat in the race to replace Wisconsin Congressman Dave Obey is not planning to ask him to campaign for her if she wins Tuesday's primary. Mike Simonson reports from Superior.

Since deciding in May not to run for re-election after serving northern Wisconsin in the U.S. House since 1969, Obey won't be a center piece of State Senator Julie Lassa's campaign. Lassa says she appreciates Obey's service but will campaign apart from him.

"The page has now turned and we're beginning to write a new chapter and I'm hoping to be able to write that chapter with the people of this district to making sure they have someone who will be a strong and independent voice."

Lassa says she'll quote "clean up Washington" if she's elected in November. Republicans are blaming Obey as head of the House Appropriations Committee for running up the federal deficit. Meanwhile, Lassa's Democratic primary opponent Realtor Don Raihala of Superior says he doesn't see Obey as a liability.

"Absolutely not. Dave Obey is very popular. I mean you don't stay in office for 41 years without that kind of influence so, no he wouldn't be a liability."

This is Raihala's first run for office in Wisconsin.