Thursday, August 5, 2010

The first interviews, given separately, but on the same show, took place today with Don Raihala and Julie Lassa. The Joy Cardin show on WPR starts with a tongue lashing by a KUWS reporter soured by not getting the interview. Julie Lassa was generous enough to give a 15 minute interview from 7:15-7:30 and Don Raihala finished the hour by giving a 30 minute interview from 7:30-8:00.
The link to show #100805B is downloadable and can be found at:
You make the call. 12 years of Wisconsin government service vs. the last minute filer.
For the record: Mike at KUWS has never called or left a message, nor has he ever sent an email and yes he did cry to my dad. As mentioned in the interview, it made no sense to do interviews and send people to a website that nobody could find or had my written issues up yet, we had just gotten indexed by google a little more than a week ago.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dave Obey's retirement opens abortion debate

The battle for Wisconsin's 7th district congressional seat, long held by retiring Dave Obey, may come down to a vote on abortion. Since there is virtually no danger of President Obama signing any form of pro-life legislation, the typical election arguments will focus on the abortion funding language included in the health care law.

Don Raihala, a Democrat candidate for U.S. Congress, wants people to know that health care is just one of several House bills he would repeal or not fund were he to be elected to office. Raihala states, "The 2000 page health care law does include abortion funding language. If Congress did not want these abortion options included, then it should have been entirely left out."

The health care law was very specific in including language that allows for tax payer funds to be used for abortion options in government health plans. The law also purposely excluded the Hyde Amendment, which historically has been attached to bills that concern health and human welfare and prevents the use of federal funds on abortion.

As recently as two weeks ago, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provided $160 million to Pennsylvania to set up a high risk insurance pool with plans that have access to federally funded abortion coverage. This already appears to be circumventing the executive order that President Obama issued to help convince pro-life legislators into signing. Many believe the executive order simply shuffles around funds and offers little protection. Since it is not law, the President may rescind it at any time.

Raihala states, "You're getting a large number of moderates that previously looked the other way when it came to abortion. Now that they see the reality of their tax dollars directly funding abortion, their voting rationale may change.

That reality doesn't add up well for the other primary contender, Democratic Party chosen candidate, Julie Lassa. She recently received the endorsement of pro-choice advocate group Emily's List.

Raihala concludes, "This election needs to be about more than just the typical empty promises, false hopes and emotional buzz words. It needs to be about the facts and truths about what is taking place in Washington and where our representatives are leading our nation." As part of his focus on truth, Raihala includes the executive order along with several other controversial items on his campaign website

Thanks to Steve McConkey at for the great write up.