Monday, May 12, 2014

Who's running for Congress in the 7th Congressional district of Wisconsin (WI)?

Who's running for Congress in the 7th Congressional district of Wisconsin (WI)?
This guy (with my thumbs pointing back at me) Don Raihala!

And who has to make silly web articles to make himself internet searchable because of minimal media support and an absolute ban-like boycott by search engines?  Hmmm.

Newspaper Woes

Thanks to Gannett Co. owned newspapers, up the west side of the district, for being the only media outlet thus far reporting and printing stories about my campaign and no thanks to all the other media outlets that likely prefer to keep their readers and listeners in the dark.  I suppose 'old lady who knits booties for the homeless' and '5th graders collect 10,000 pennies for trip to Chequomegon National Forest' are more news worthy than 'Former 2010 Democrat ticket Congressional Candidate to Challenge Sean Duffy'.  That may be.  However, ignoring the fact that Sean Duffy will be going to a primary and continuing to report that Kelly Westlund will face Duffy in November is just irresponsible reporting.  Is it any wonder that newspapers are going through the financial hurt that they've been experiencing in the last decade.

The Internet Blues

Both will get you to the same place, but I 'm not sure why they aren't readily searchable on 'Google'.  'Bing' does a better job of placing my efforts at the forefront of searchability.  Both accounts were searchable the week before I announced, so something has taken place since then to push them back to page 5 in search results.  After my announcement, my internet host suspended my account for using some misinformation in my original application when I opened these sites over four years ago.  Why they would freeze my account now is a mystery, but since then I've been buried back on page 5 even with the most relevant search parameters.  A web story like this may even push me back another page, but at least there is a trail of bread crumbs back to the campaign site.

Plus 2 Others

There are two other guys whom have also declared their candidacies, but they also both declared for the past U.S. Senate races and did not submit any signatures to get on the ballot.  I'm not interested in help their internet searchability so I'll call them by Mob Maylor of Cumberland and Jon Chiess of Rice Lake.  I don't see Jon being on the ballot seeing that I plucked 100+ signatures easily out of his backyard of Rice Lake without hearing a peep of his name.  It was such a good haul that I'm actually going to go back for part II before the nomination signatures are due.  As for Mob, what he is doing is extremely irresponsible.  Northern Wisconsin has historically been a two party race and running as a Libertarian is only going to pull votes out of the Republican party.  So a vote for Mob Maylor is a vote for Kelly Westlund in November.



  1. You would be well advised to court the Libertarian voters Don as there are quite a few of us living among the District 7 voters.

  2. Libertarians are awesome. I would expect that most of them have already laid judgement on me as most vote based on knowledge and I hope they have seen something they like. I know they have! The timing is just not right to be entering and backing libertarian candidates, as we still are a two party system and adding third party candidates usually ends up in diasaster [See MN governors race of 2010 spoiled by third party pooper]. Ergo, the running as a Conservative on the Republican ticket. Most underfunded 7th district media never reported on.